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When the Pet You Love Dies

It may be the way in which our pets love us that makes their demise so difficult for us to accept. Pets often become loyal companions and valued family members. Pets usually love their owners unconditionally.

The loss of a pet can be devastating for its owner, particularly if the owner is required to make the difficult decision whether to put the pet to sleep. Whether your pet has passed away or you're trying to help someone else through their grief, the decision can become complicated and carries a very strong emotional charge. Allow yourself to grieve.

If you have other animals, they will grieve too. Animals form strong bonds and have an innate understanding of life's cycles. It may be the kindest thing you can do to let your other pets see their companion once the pet has died. Being able to see and smell the dead body will inform them of what has happened.

If you have sufficient property, you may want to bury your pet on your own land. However, you must check with the authorities to know whether its legal to do so.

Considering Pet Cremation

You may prefer to have your pet cremated and then scatter his ashes at a favorite place. Your veterinarian may be able to help you with burial options. When your pet passes, the preferred final care choices are burial of your pet in a pet cemetery, or cremation.

Although pet cemetery burial is a good option, it may be too costly or unavailable in some areas. Many pet owners today are choosing cremation since it enables you to keep your companion near you in your home, while at the same time enabling you to bury or scatter a portion of your pet’s ashes in your yard or a favorite place your pet enjoyed. Cremation also permits you to take your pet’s ashes with you when you relocate.

Kingman Pet Cremation
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