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Neal Butler Dog Park

Mohave County Parks Department has a dog park at Neal Butler Park, 3027 East Jagerson Avenue, in Kingman, Arizona. The Neal Butler Dog Park is made up of two fenced areas, one for big dogs over 30 pounds and one for those that weigh less than 30 pounds.

“Each fenced area is just slightly less than one half acre,” he said. “Owners and dogs will enter a main gate into a small 15-by-15-foot enclosure. At that point, they can go either into the big dog area or the little dog area. Dogs must be kept leashed until they are completely inside the fenced area.”

Each area has a variety of things the animals can enjoy doing. There are tires for the dogs to jump through, tubes to go through and ramps, all proportionately designed for each area. There is a doggy drinking fountain, a get-acquainted fireplug and plenty of room to run with the big dogs…. or little dogs.

There are plastic bag dispensers so owners can clean up their dogs’ number twos and places to dispose of those packages. Responsible pet owners make it much nicer for everyone.”

The park has basic common-sense rules posted, “such as people must supervise their dogs at all times; children up through age 12 must have adult supervision and gates must be kept closed.

The park is available for use from dawn until dusk every day.
Come and enjoy and tell your friends.
Photos From July 2010 Grand Opening
Dog Park Do's and Don'ts
Don't bring a dog younger than 6 months, or a very old, sick or shy dog.
Don't leave your dog unattended.
Don't bring food or your dog's favorite toy: Either can trigger a fight.
Don't let your dog bully or be bullied.
Do make sure your dog is friendly and well-socialized.
Do pay attention to your dog. Leave if it acts aggressively.
Do pick up your dog's poop.
Lewis Kingman Dog Park
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